Membership of IDW Esperanza Resort’s private club is the first step towards a better quality of life, where you can stop worrying about everyday problems and devote all your time to things that really matter.

More Info on Vip Club: 

IDW Esperanza Resort is a private luxury club, with the mission to create an exceptional ecological resort, known for best cuisine, its timeless design and unique style. The Resort offers a fortunate few the ability to become a part of its elite club. At the Resort club, you are surrounded by people such as yourself – reliable persons who understand how rare it is to discover a place that consistently delivers a superlative resort experience. At Esperanza, we are committed to the concept of “responsible luxury”, therefore our club members are persons who treat our planet with the utmost respect and help us to protect our environment by minimizing waste of natural resources.

What are the privileges of the Club Member?

The purchase of IDW Esperanza Resort club membership gives the owner following privileges:

  • Only the club member and up to 4 persons accompanying him has the right to use all the services offered by the resort, without booking accommodation. The club member takes full responsibility for the persons accompanying him. 
  • Only trust-worthy persons, with proper references are considered for the club membership. 
  • 20% discount on accommodation. 
  • Invitations to club-members-only events.
  • Free use of Vilnius Airport Fast Track service. 
  • Free use of  IDW Esperanza Resort Vilnius Airport Business Lounge 

Being an owner of IDW Esperanza Resort club membership means not only having an exceptional home here at our resort, it also means being a part of the elite & exclusive Esperanza family.

What to do if you would like to become a member of the IDW Esperanza Resort Club?

The candidate has to fill in the membership candidacy form provided by the Management as detailed as possible. Information is confidential. The Management has the right to provide full information about the candidate to the Board. The Board has the right to make recommendations to invite the candidate to join the club or to deny the request for membership. The aim of the Board is to assure that only reliable persons would become the members of the club. After the Board approves the candidacy of the person who has filled in the form, he/she is invited to sign membership contract and to pay membership fee.

There is one type of membership available:

Personal Membership fee – 300 EUR per year 

The owner of the individual membership has the right to invite four persons accompanying him to access the resort and to use services offered by the resort.

For more information on the IDW Esperanza Resort club membership, please write us: info@esperanzaresort.lt or call us at +370 698 78378.